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So many of our lives start with a great cup of coffee!  It is a ritual for many and a passion for others.  We believe coffee brings people together.  Coffee is part of our memories, our stories and our life.  Coffee is happiness. 

Our family started Phillipstown Coffee in 2015.  We wanted to share our love, our passion for unique coffees with our friends and family.

We hand roast each and every batch in our Diedrich roaster, in our small roastery in Southern Illinois.  We document each roast, striving to develop the best flavor from each farm.  We source our green coffee from importers, farmers and families who have the same values as we do.  We believe in sustainability, responsibility, and relationships. 

Thank you for your support and allowing us to share our passion, our love and our happiness for coffee with you and your family!

From our family to yours!  Happily Roasted!

The Cantrell Family